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Dear Valued Customer,
As many are aware Pell’s Radio Appliance and TV had a humble
beginning. Founded by Harvey Pell in 1925 Pell’s provided the gateway
to new technology that modernized family life through the generations.
The business was taken over by Harvey’s colleague John Putvin Senior
and his wife Norma in 1975. Pell’s served the Cadillac community over
the years with a reputation of professionalism, integrity and the highest
level of service. Pell’s has demonstrated a commitment to family
throughout the legacy of the Putvin and Pell families as well as the many
valued employees that have served their customers in the Cadillac area
for 93 years.

It is with our deepest regret we share with you that the time has come
to close our retail store and transition our heating and cooling business
to a local service provider. Our ability to provide competitive pricing and
a level of service that built our reputation in the retail sector has been
compromised by volume competitors, changing times and the inability to
maintain a service workforce that is skilled and reliable. Norma Putvin,
John Jr. (Johnny) and Rick have been forced by these circumstances to
make this most difficult decision to close. This will end an era and the
story of hard work and success built by John Putvin Sr. and his family.
In the months to come we appreciate your understanding as we
transition out of the retail store. We intend to remain open into
December with our current staff intact. We will take this time to liquidate
our inventory and store fixtures.

Through our affiliates in the business we will support our displaced staff
in their search for suitable work.

Pell’s Heating and Cooling Department will transition immediately
to Advanced Mechanical Services LLC, (231-829-9533). Advanced
Mechanical was established in 2007 and specializes in, residential
heating, air conditioning, plumbing and commercial refrigeration.
We anticipate a seamless transition with no interruption of service
to our customers. Advanced provides a high level of experience,
professionalism and customer satisfaction and Pell’s is pleased to be
able to work with a local service provider of this quality to meet the
needs of our customers.

Our store will be closed on Monday, September 17th in preparation for
liquidation of our current inventory.

As we close this chapter of a very long, prosperous and fulfilling book,
we thank you for your support through it all. Pell’s has been a Cadillac
landmark and well-respected in the industry. We are honored to have
had the opportunity to serve your family through the generations and feel
blessed beyond words by your loyalty.



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